Personal Injury FAQ

Our Orlando Lawyers Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an Attorney?

If you want to understand and protect your rights, you should have an attorney. Most clients do not understand their legal rights, and you cannot depend on an insurance company to have your best interest at heart. Insurance adjusters handle hundreds of injury claims a year and have insurance defense lawyers at their disposal. If your insurance company has an attorney, why shouldn’t you? If you are concerned about the costs of retaining a lawyer, keep in mind that in most cases, we do not charge legal fees unless we recover money for you.

How Much Money Is My Case Worth?

The value of your case depends upon numerous factors, including the extent of your injuries, the cost of your medical bills, the amount of time you missed at work, and more. Be careful of lawyers who promise a certain number or tell you how much money your case is worth during your initial consultation.

Do I Get to Speak With My Lawyer?

Yes. Unlike other law firms, who will hand your case to a paralegal and be largely inaccessible, our lawyers at Maaswinkel Law, P.A. handle your case directly and spend time getting to know you and your case. We are honest with you from the beginning, stand by your side throughout the entire legal process, and are available for all your questions and concerns.

How Long Will My Injury Case Take?

Most cases will not settle until your doctor determines that you have reached “Maximum Medical Improvement,” or recovered to the fullest extent that medicine allows. Therefore, the length of your legal recovery should be similar to the length of your physical recovery. The amount of time your case is open will also depend upon both the extent of your injuries and whether or not the insurance companies we are working with offer reasonable settlements.

What If I Still Have Questions?

Questions are normal at this stage in the legal process, and our team at Maaswinkel Law, P.A. is here to answer them. We can dive into any questions you still have during a free consultation. Call us at or contact us online to get started.

What Sets Us Apart

Free Consultations Available

We are available to come to your home, the hospital, or at our office to get started with your free case evaluation.

Millions of Dollars Recovered

Since 2005, we have recovered more than $28 million for our clients. We want to give you peace of mind and deliver justice.

Personalized Attention & Care

You are our top priority and we’ll provide the aggressive representation to recover the compensation you deserve.

No Fees Unless We Win

There are no fees if there is no recovery for you. If we do not get any compensation for you, you will pay us nothing.

Medical Malpractice

Pellentesque diam volutpat commodo sed Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional deviates from the reasonable standard of care within his/her profession.

Personal Injury

We handle all types of injury claims and lawsuits. We are paid on a “contingency fee” basis, which means if we do not get any compensation for you, you will pay us nothing.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, call us for a free consultation to see how we can assist you. There are no fees owed to our firm if there is no recovery.

What Sets Us Apart

Truck Accident


43-year-old female client rear-ended by a landscaper pick-up truck in Orlando, Florida. She underwent neck surgery and suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. The insurance company denied that the truck accident caused a brain injury.

Workers’ Compensation Injury


A 55-year-old male client injured on the job when a tractor-trailer rear-ended his work vehicle in Brevard County, Florida. As a result of the accident, he injured his left shoulder rotator cuff and underwent a lower back lumbar fusion paid for by workers’ compensation. His wife recovered compensation for loss of consortium (the damage to their marital relationship).

Car Accident


A 40-year-old female client was involved in a rear-end car accident in Polk County, Florida. As a result of the accident, she suffered injuries to her neck and back. The at-fault driver’s insurance company offered $9,000.00 to settle without a lawsuit. We refused to accept that offer and filed a lawsuit for our client. The insurance company hired a doctor who testified the accident was not the cause of her current pain but rather her pain was due to her age and weight.

Tractor Trailer Accident


A 10-year-old male client that was a passenger in an SUV when it was hit by a tractor-trailer. The truck driver was traveling at an unsafe speed for the weather conditions on a rural country road in Lake County, Florida. He sustained broken legs as a result of the truck accident. The insurance and trucking company wrongfully claimed our client was not seat belted in the SUV.

Truck Driver Injured at Work


Combined personal injury and workers compensation recovered for a 41-year-old male truck driver who was injured while on the job in Manatee County, Florida.

Construction Site Injury


This is a feature block that you can use to Combined personal injury and workers compensation recovered for a 44-year-old male construction worker injured on a construction site in Titusville, Florida when a subcontractor driving a truck negligently backed into our client, pinning his hand to a concrete structure.

Car Accident


We won a combined personal injury and underinsured motorist (UM) recovery for a 61-year-old female client who was driving a vehicle in Sanford, Florida when the defendant changed lanes and struck her in the passenger side.

Careless Driving Accident


We recovered $350,000 for a 42-year-old male client who was rear-ended by a careless driver in Sarasota, Florida.

Slip & Fall on the Job


We won a combined personal injury and workman compensation recovery for a 36-year-old male client who was injured on the job when he slipped and fell on ice cubes while delivering food supplies to the back kitchen of a restaurant in Jupiter, Florida.

Slip & Fall a Thrift Store


We recovered $295,000.00 for a 56-year-old female who slipped and fell on a handicap ramp at a thrift store in Orlando, Florida.