The state of Florida is rich in scenic views and features unique roadways that are rarely seen in other parts of the country. However, Florida is home to some of the most dangerous roads in the United States.

Read on to learn about the five most dangerous roads in Florida.

5 Deadliest Florida Roads

According to Geotab, a Canada-based global fleet management company, the following are the most dangerous roads in the state of Florida:

#1 – US-1

The section of the US-1 that runs through Florida is the deadliest of any highway in any state throughout the past 10 years. Over the last decade, there have been 1,079 deaths as a result of car accidents on this road.

#2 – US-41

This road has taken 772 lives over the past 10 years, causing it to rank as the second most dangerous road in the country.

#3 – US-27

In the last decade, there have been 529 crashes on the US-27, which resulted in 614 lost lives, making this the third deadliest road in Florida.

#4 – US-441

This road has taken 442 lives in the last 10 years, which were the result of 418 fatal accidents.

#5 – US-17

This road runs from Punta Gorda through to Jacksonville and was ranked as the ninth most dangerous road in the country, and the fifth most dangerous road in the state.

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